Antoine D'AGATA


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"‘Anticorps’ comprises an exhibition at Le Bal, Paris, and this book contains some 2400 photographs by Antoine d’Agata, infamous for his work dealing with addiction, sex, prostitution, obsession and other taboos. A testament to the enormity and variety of his prolific output, it reflects a language that has gradually become darker, more abstract and abrupt. Curators Fannie Escoulen and Bernard Marcadé grapple with this mass of raw, uncompromising subject matter to discover its implications, finding a man who imbues extreme experiences of existence with revelatory power. It is both haunting and riveting, from spectral encounters to stark urban landscapes."

Awarded with the photobook prize of Les Rencontres D'Arles 2013.
PHOTOBOOK AWARD LES RENCONTRES D'ARLES - BJP-editor Simon BAINBRIDGE's '10 favourite photobooks of the year'

"Civilization must be monitored and rid of deviant pleasures; the symptoms of totalitarian progress are multiplying in public spaces: censorship and repression of evil pleasures are ubiquitous, a proliferation of media and pornography, chips implanted in the living body, molecular intelligence with a chemical engine, incestuous interferences of the flesh and technology, the advent of a virtual humanity adapting to the disappearance of the senses, freed speech, external to the pleasure it describes; like a peepshow, the limitation of physical contact and the relegation of the individual to the role of passive consumer are reinforced by the development of digital networks; but the accursed part of the human remains uncontrolled." (Antoine d'Agata)

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"Bei 'Anticorps' handelt es sich um den Katalog der großen Retrospetive zum Werk des französischen MAGNUM Fotografen.
Der Umfang und insbesondere die Qualität der Abbildungen machen das Buch, welches soeben (2012) in Arles mit dem Fotobuch-Preis ausgezeichnet wurde, zum besten Überblicksband zum Werk D'AGATAs!" (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)