Joakim ESKILDSEN, Cia Rinne (Co-Author), Günter Grass (Preface)

Die Romareisen

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German ED. of 'The Roma Journeys' - PUBLISHER 'S SOLDOUT!

"Between 2000 and 2006 I together with writer Cia RINNE undertook travels in seven different countries with a view to gaining an insight into the life of the Roma and the conditions they face. We always tried to spend a considerable length of time among the people whom we wanted to learn about and, if possible, to live with them for a while.

It was our own interest that initially took us to the Roma streets in Hevesaranyos in northeast Hungary, where we spent four months at the home of Magda, an elderly Roma. The other journeys to Romania, India and our travels in Finland came about through personal contact, while in Greece and Russia we were initially assisted by human rights organizations and in France by the Centre de recherches tsiganes in Paris.

These Roma journeys were by no means meticulously planned, and instead the product of a number of coincidences that enabled us to come into contact with the Roma. We endeavored to communicate directly with them. In most countries this was possible, and while in Russia and India we were accompanied on our travels, and thus had willing assistance.

We have frequently been asked what had triggered our interest in the Roma, but we were unable to provide a definitive, let alone exhaustive answer. What is certain is that once we hard started we were unable to simply stop continuing with the project. The more we found out about the Roma and got to know them, the more our interest in and liking for them grew.

In keeping with the different countries traveled, the photographic body of work is divided into seven series, the sequence of which roughly corresponds to the chronology of our journeys." (Joakim ESKILDSEN)

About the photographer ,Joakim ESKILDSEN (b.1971 in Copenhagen):
Eskildsen trained with Royal Court photographer Mrs. Rigmor Mydtskov and educated at the at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, where he learned the craft of bookmaking with Jyrki PARANTAINEN and Pentti SAMMALAHTI
ESKILSDEN often collaborates on projects with writer Cia RINNE (...) currently he's working on three photographic book projetcs and exhibitions,
'American Realities', 'Cuban Evolution', and 'Home Works'.
Joakim lives and works in Berlin. - Eeducation: University of Art and Design, Helsinki, MA, 1998
Apprentice at Royal Court photographer Rigmor Mydtskov, Copenhagen 1992

Other books by Joakim ESKILDSEN are (4):
'Nordtegn/Nordic Signs' (self published in 1995)
'Bluetide/Maréazul' (self published in 1997)
'iChickenMoon' (self published in 1999)
'American Realities' (2016)

"Roma, Sinti, Calé und weitere ethnische Gruppen, die man gemeinhin unter dem Begriff 'Zigeuner' zusammen fasst, bilden die größte Minderheit Europas. Sie leben völlig verstreut - jede Gruppe in ihrer speziellen Situation, mit ihrer eigenen Sprache und Kultur. 
Cia RINNE und Joakim ESKILDESN gingen zwischen 2000 und 2006 auf Reisen, um Roma in sieben verschiedenen Ländern aufzusuchen. Sie blieben häufig für längere Zeit als Gäste bei Familien und tauchten tief in die Lebenswelt dieser Menschen ein. Die Romareisen ist ein sehr persönliches Dokument dieser Begegnungen. Das Buch gibt einen aktuellen, tiefenscharfen Einblick in ihren Alltag und ihr Leben." (publisher steidl)

über den Fotografen, Joakim ESKILDSEN (*1971in Kopenhagen, DK):
Joakim ESKILDSEN lernte sein Handwerk beim königlichen Hof-Fotografen Rigmor MyYDTSKOV.
1994 zog er nach Finnland, studierte Fotografie bei Pentti SAMMALLAHTI an der Kunsthochschule von Helsinki.
Von Joakim ESKILDSEN erschienen u.a. folgende Fotobuchtitel: '
Nordic Signs' (1995),
'Bluetide' (1997),
'Ichickenmoon' (1999, ausgezeichnet bei den Photo-Eye Books & Prints Awards) und (in Zusammenarbeit mit Kristoffer ALBRECHT und Pentti SAMMALAHTI) das Portfolio
'Al-Madina' (2002)
'American Realities' (2016)