Case Study Homes

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“For a second, Peter BIALOBRZESKI brings globalization to a halt and shows us, in his great photographs, what we usually do not see.” (© Freddy Langer, in: F.A.Z.)

"'Case Study Homes' is actually a sketchbook. Within the scope of a project in 2008, BIALOBRZESKI photographed urban structures in Manila.
A shantytown between two container terminals was supposed to be the site for a few photos. After slumbering in a digital archive until the fall of 2008 and following six months of research in Asia, the time came for the artist to view the material.

This happened to coincide with the collapse of the Lehman Brothers Bank and the outbreak of media paranoia about a second global economic crisis. Although even before all of this occurred a connection could be established between these images and the photographs of impoverished rural Americans commissioned by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) in the 1930s, current events give BIALOBRZESKI's works yet another dimension.

Furthermore, they pay homage to the desire of people to make homes for themselves. The will to survive and creativity manifest in these dwellings made of the waste products of civilization." (publisher's note, © Hatje Cantz, 2009)

"'Case Study Homes' ist ein Skizzenbuch. 2008 fotografierte BIALOBRZESKI im Rahmen eines Projektes in Manila Stadtstrukturen.

Einige Bilder sollten eine Slumsiedlung zwischen zwei Containerterminals zeigen, bis 2008 blieben sie im digitalen Archiv verborgen. Eine neue Materialsichtung fiel zeitlich mit dem Zusammenbruch der 'Lehman Brothers Bank' und der medialen Paranoia vor einer zweiten großen Weltwirtschaftskrise zusammen und machte einen Bezug zu den Fotografien der verarmten Landbevölkerung, die im Auftrag der Farm Security Administration (FSA) in den 1930er-Jahren in den USA entstanden, deutlich.

Ebenso erhielten BIALOBRZESKIs Arbeiten durch die aktuellen Ereignisse eine weitere Dimension." (Verlagstext, © Hatje Cantz, 2009)