Richard Renaldi

Figure and Ground

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"Renaldi's photographs of people and landscapes has captured an essential view of what it means to be an American. Visually and emotionally stunning, his is a portayal of people and places in the US that is both unique and recog-nizable yet is accomplished without judgement - his approach to his subjects, which cuts across the economic spectrum, is sensitive, understanding and reveals their innate human dignity. Although he works with a large format camera, his photography is alive and spontaneous and is reminiscent of work with smaller, faster cameras which demonstrates both his virtuosity and his mastery of the medium. His work enhances the tradition of August Sander, Walker Evans, Robert Frank and others who have sought to visually capture what it means to be human. This is a book by an important new photographer which anyone interested in photography must have. I recommend it highly." - "Stunning and Profoundly American. Some photographers just seem to em-body something organically American in their work. Renaldi's book of ordinary Americans taken with a large format camera, in landscapes of sweeping empti-ness and intimate banality, are stunning compositions. He is a portraitist who creates carefully considered little dioramas of human beings in their homes, workplaces and schools.
In a time when many photographers are enamored of digital fakery, Renaldi's expert use of the camera as an instrument of both communication and crea-tivity is inspiring. He is neither ironic nor condescending in his choice of sub-jects. Nor does he put people up on a pedestal like Bruce Weber. Renaldi's folks are at ease, comfortable and real whether they are behind the restaurant counter, in the barn, standing on the rails, or holding a football behind the high school." - "A lovely set of eye-catching - and sometimes eye-opening - por-traits. Renaldi's 8x10 camera images allow not only for portraits, but for inclu-sion of much of the background, so his portraits in this book live up to its promise, blending portrait and straight landscape elements for added impact and attraction. Oversized pages and full-page representations make for a lovely set of eye-catching - and sometimes eye-opening - portraits perfect for college-level art library holdings; especially those strong in modern photography." three customers)