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"As a master of color and composition, EPSTEIN approaches street photography in partnership with his traveling way of life.

The photo book 'Work' showcases five bodies of past works beginning in 1973: 'Common Practice', 'Vietnam', 'The City', 'Family Business' and 'American Power'. Influenced by the use of color in painting and documentary filmmaking, his photographs embody a unique frame and vantage point while exploring subjects of the everyday.

EPSTEIN is instinctive, agile and spontaneous. Advised as an amateur to un-learn the conventional principles that make up a 'good picture', he adopted the balance of chance and concept. He strives to never kill a photograph with intent.
EPSTEIN is intrigued by the differences and commonalities of cultures, and his work focuses on a relationship between people and their everyday environ-ments. Known for his exote nature, surprising details concealed within a frame often emerge upon further viewing. Photographer and audience alike are drawn to an image due to its piercing nature, an accident that 'pricks' the eye as it is noticed.

Paying close attention to the process of book making, EPSTEIN's publications are a combination of background essays, accompanied by photographic series and captions.
'Work' displays a variety of images from EPSTEIN's own collection, as well as works that have inspired his practice as a photographer. His vision as a whole is expressed through photography; his 'bridge to the world'." (© Courtney Reints)