World from my Front Porch

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"This book offers an album featuring the best of 20 years of award-winning Magnum member Larry Towells photographs of family life in rural Ontario. Towells idyllic and beautiful photo-essay is accompanied by an extensive autobiographical text illustrated with over 160 photographs, objects and songs chosen by Towell. These are presented in an extended introduction and afterword to the book, exploring the history of his front porch (Larrys house was built by the man who first carved Ontario into farm units) and his journeys from the security of his home and family into the war zones of the world. Between them, the photo essay and the accompanying materials, "The World From My Front Porch" makes a poetic and moving statement about land and belonging, the central theme of Towells work. This book is dramatically designed in the manner of an Edwardian album, and accompanies a retrospective touring exhibition." (publisher thames&hudson)