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"The first major monograph of the artist's photographs. The title refers to Albert WATSON's single-minded, distinctive style, and a light hearted reference to the fact that he has been blind in one eye since birth." (© nyartbeat)

"Albert WATSON is surely one of this century's foremost photographers, as these black-and-white images attest. Whether the poser is a model or a convict, the result is at once stark and sensual. So it is all too sad that the book doesn't allow Watson's work to stand alone: The typeface battles with the prints, and Cyclops as a whole becomes as much about the book's designer as about the artist. Still, since this is the first such collection of Watson's photographs, it's a fault that seems to be worth trying to ignore." (©

"Albert WATSON's images in this book are quite simply some of the best images of Black & White photography in any book! T
hey are technically perfect and arrestingly beautiful. His images are powerful, moving, creative, and always well composed. Furthermore, the printing in this book is one of the best I've ever seen. If you appriciate masterful black & white images you would probably be happy with this book even if you had paid 5 times what this costs!
This book is truly a must-have for anyone who appriciates great photography." (amazon client)

"Dieses Buch im Mini-Format ist etwas für Freunde der s/w- und Portraitfotografie. Ob Sade, TUPAC, Kate Moss, Hitchcock oder Dennis Hopper - einige Bilder sind uns vertraut, andere bestechen durch ihre kompositorische Qualität.

Das Buch IN DER ERSTEN EDITION von CALLAWAY war lange Zeit vom Markt verschwunden - nun sind einige Exemplare wieder erhältlich, nachdem Callaway wieder 'etwas' Geld brauchte und sein Lager durchstöbert hat." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)