André Príncipe

O perfume do boi!

SC, 23,5 x 34 cm., 48 pp.
Pierre von Kleist 2012.
ISBN 9789729982590

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"'O Perfume do Boi' (translated: 'the perfume of the bull') was shot during a three-month anticlockwise journey around Portugal's borders. Outside cities, out in the fields and in the woods, in small town circuses, with the lunatics and the acrobats. The very strong narrative feeling comes with an equally strong suspicion that there might be no story. The photos of the animals and people combined with the natural elements, cause a sense of eminent danger and trouble. There is an aura of prophecy and myth, and in the end we are left with the echo of a cry in the night. - 'The Japanese five elements are, in ascending order of power - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void', says the author. (publisher pvk)

The book has been published in a series of three, - the triology is designed like classical music scores. The first two books 'I Thought You Knew Where All Of The Elephants Lie Down' and 'Master and Everyone' of this series are sold out!