W.M. Hunt

The Unseen Eye - Photographs from the Unconscious

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"The Unseen Eye is one of those rare books that has the quality of a revelation. It not only gives a new perspective on the work of many of the greatest names in the history of photography but also tells us something new about ourselves with all the associated nuances of memory, wit, eroticism, fear, grief and horror." (publisher)

The book "includes 370 images from Hunt's personal trove, which he has been collecting for nearly four decades. While the book features pictures by famous artists, it also is a compendium of photographs by lesser known artists and some purely vernacular images. Hunt's instinctive pursuit of striking images has resulted in a collection that manages to evoke a picture of humanity from birth to death, with all the associated nuances of memory, wit, eroticism, fear, grief, and horror alongside press prints and snapshots that Hunt picked up at flea markets and art fairs, each image in the collection shows a subject whose gaze has been turned away. Sometimes the eyes are covered completely.

What makes the collection bear the name of the book is the theme. In each image, the gaze of the subject is averted, the face obscured or the eyes firmly closed. The pictures present a catalog of anti-portraiture, characterized at first glance by what its subjects conceal, not by what the camera reveals. According to Hunt, `I looked for and found a photograph at an auction house 40 years ago that had a veiled, romantic presence, and it was an intense and unexpected experience. So I looked for another one. And then I found a couple more, and I thought, `What an odd thing to be doing.'" But in time Hunt's home was filled with photographs in which the subject's eye was somehow unseen. The collector, though, insists that he always "sees" the pictures. `The images run through my mind like a Rolodex. I don't have to take them out physically to see them. They play on this strange lightbox in my head.'

This collection spans the time of the first photographs in the 19th century to the present and there likely is not a more genuinely varied collection anywhere!" (Grady Harp)

"Utterly captivating’" (The Sunday Telegraph) - "A wonderful selection of images … a great anthology. But combined with the brilliant text that accompanies it we are taken through a maze of ideas that investigates the powerful psychological depths which visual language can reach. … lovingly curated with great verve and I’m sure will become an instant classic, to be treasured for many years to come." (For London Independent Photography)
"Incredible … tactile and imaginative with depth and emotion." (Hotshoe International)