Annette Kicken (ed.), Rudolf Kicken (Ed.), Simone Förster (Ed.)

Points of view. Masterpieces of Photography and their stories

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"The triumphal march of photography has proceeded unhindered since the early 1970s. No other artistic medium has risen in the public's esteem in quite the same way. The story of its success cannot be separated from the people who have worked toward achieving recognition of photography in the art world. They include the artists themselves, alongside curators, collectors, gallery owners, dealers, publicists and art lovers. With their expertise and personal passion, they have made photography a permanent fixture in the world of art. The Kicken Gallery is marking the occasion of its 30th anniversary by bringing together these people and their supporters in an extraordinary compendium. More than 100 masterpieces from the history of photography, which galleries have placed in private collections or museums, are presented with comments by more than 100 authors who have shaped the development of photography and its reception over the past 30 years. Covering outstanding works from Richard Avedon to Yva, from Diane Arbus to Umbo and from Bernd and Hilla Becher to Edward Weston, they tell us 'their' histories of photography.
Brief profiles of photographers, authors and collections provide a look at the development of photography and a peek behind the scenes of the art business and make this volume an exclusive and attractive reference work on the history of photography." (publisher steidl)