Christian Caujolle (text), Marc Feustel (ed.), Anders Petersen (Illustrator)

Mono: Volume 1

Antoine D'AGATA, Trent PARKE, Anders PETERSEN,
Roger BALLEN, Jacob Aue SOBOL, Keizo KITAJIMA, Kim THUE, Marco VERNASCHI, Margaret M. DE LANGE, Michael ACKERMAN, Olivier PIN FAT, Giancarlo CERAUDO
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 31 x 24 x
3 cm., 270 pp., b/w ills., text language: English.
Gomma 2012.
ISBN 9781620504215

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"The book has a clean and an unintrusive layout. The minimal graphic design and limited use of texts (although some introductions are really moving) blend nicely with the work, which is indeed strong and bold and vivid.
The paper is nice and thick, I would say it is matte but carries a nice smooth feel to it. The cover is made of black cloth and has embossed silver titles. The book has a lot of personality and the editors rightly opted to keep it bold without over fill it with words and colors.
The range of work varies from fine art to documentary to conceptual and avant garde. This diversity however seems well connected and all the works are nicely threaded. If you like black and white photography I believe this is its modern bible. A must." (client Sharon Thompson)

"Well what can I say? You don't get to see so many inspiring photographers in one place. The book has quality throughout and deserves every penny!
I would expect to pay it double the cover price if it was on a bookshop shelf.
Can't wait for MONO Volume two now!" (Wesley Larkin)

"Perfect such a good job very nice book , such great photographers , antoine d'agata , jacob aue sobol , anders petersen etc." (quilghini chris)

"Is everyone copying each other? - The book is nicely packaged, but i must say the there is a slight problem with the consistency of the tones of the photographs. Some photographs within the same photographer are more on the green hue while others are neutral and others are slightly warm. This happens across the whole book. May not bother you unless you are a photographer. (...) On the quality of the work it's peculiar that so many of the photographers in the book -about 80%- seem to be working in a similar fashion or style to the point of making their photographs interchangeable. (Followers of the blurry -grainy and out of focus tradition of Provoke but not so much from a conceptual or philosophical stand, rather they just seems like followers of a photographic look.) (...) Exceptions are the original and outstanding work by Roger Ballen, Anders Petersen, Scot Sothern, Kim Thue, Chris Rain, Kitajima and Diasuke Yokota. And Im sorry but the work of Sofia Lopez Manan is just a copy of Francesca Woodman.... (Daido Klein)

"An extraordinary contemporary photography collection! Photography has always been my first love. Clicking photographs in my free time and
admiring the work of the renowned photographers of the world is my favorite pastime. I am always on a hunt for the most exotic photographic creations of the world and love spending time learning from them. Recently, I came across this hardback book on the web MONO Volume One. This 270 pages book is an extraordinary collection of black and white contemporary photography. The first impression comes from the sleek cloth cover that wraps the book and it is followed by the quality of the paper and embossed titles.
I was deeply impressed by the compilation of the work from renowned artists like Trent Parke and Roger Ballen with the fresh work of the budding new talents. This attempt of the publisher is extremely daring and appreciable. Most importantly, the inclusion of Marco Vernaschi's work, my favorite photographer proved as the icing on the cake for me. I am eagerly waiting for the day when he comes with his own monograph. Highly recommended! (gevkias)

"Looking good, nice book, great images.Great velvety cover! The book is made of nice material, nice paper, beautiful cover. It looks very well on my shelf... ;)
I'm very happy to have bought it." (Florence Arcelia from Houston, Texas)

"MONO. Would recommend it. I purchased this book after seeing an ad in a photography website which I quiet trust. I have to be honest I bought it a bit skeptical, because although the idea of having so many great photographers in one publication is very inviting it is at the same time a bit pretentious and can easily become chaotic. I have to say that the guys at Gomma Books have done a very good job, there is a sort of connection between all the works, and it doesn't look messy. They used a plain and elegant design and used the wording as an accompaniment. The only negative thing I would say is the weight!'s so heavy!!, but this is due because of the nice solid paper they chosen. Overall a very nice photography book." (Ramona Wood from Concord, North Carolina)

"Finally a book where I can look at my fav black and white photographers in just one place! It's a fab collection of the greatest bw photographers. I mean how great it is to see Antoine D'Agata, and just after Michael Ackerman?!, hoanestly the whole concept is fab. I'm really delighted and can't stop looking at it. 10/10!" (cole Wright from Texas, USA)

'Mono' ist DIE aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme zeitgenössischer schwarz-weiss Fotografie. Die beteilgten Fotografen (u.a. Antoine D'AGATA, Trent PARKE, Anders PETERSEN, Roger BALLEN, Jacob Aue SOBOL, Keizo KITAJIMA, Kim THUE, Marco VERNASCHI, Margaret M. DE LANGE, Michael ACKERMAN, Olivier PIN FAT, Giancarlo CERAUDO), die geringe Auflage von 1.000 Exemplaren weltweit sowie das gelungene Editing & Design machen das Buch 'Mono: Volume 1' auch als 'Compilation' zu einer lohnenden Anschaffung!