Taiji MATSUE, Minoru Shimizu (interview with Taiji Matsue), Shin AKIYAMA + Ayako TSUTSUMI (Book Design)


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This story instead of a review: "A few weeks back I had some time to kill on Bond Street before our crew arrived for an evening shoot I was working on. I ducked into 'Dashwood Books' and, in my brief visit, fell in love with photo-grapher Taiji MATSUE.

I haven't been able to get him out of my head since. I grabbed his book 'Cell' from the Japanese section, and was intrigued enough to ask owner, David Strettell, if he had any other work from MATSUE.
Strettel proceeded to unlock one of those mysterious secret shelves and lugged a behemoth hardcover copy of MATSUE's self-titled book of traditional large- scale landscapes out on the counter.
He then explained that 'Cell' originated from the same type of flat detached cityscapes MATSUE was known for, only this time he had decided to crop the images revealing human life almost from a surveillance perspective.
My mind was blown to think Matsue was completely unaware of the moments he was capturing from his elevated viewpoint, as if this entire book of genius compositions was a happy accident. I found myself revisiting the images last night with the same excitement." (© Juliet Jernigan, Photo Producer)

"MATSUE schiesst aus gewohnter Perspektive - von oben - auf harmlose, nichts ahnende Menschen. 'Cell' versammelt etwa 80 Luftbild-Aufnahmen, aus denen MATSUE quadratische Ausschnitte wählte." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)