Shomei TOMATSU, Ian Jeffrey (ed.)

Shomei Tomatsu

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"Phaidon 55' books are a fascinating pocket-sized introduction to some very importanr, influential and visionary photographers.

TOMATSU is very ably represented here, with a selection of very good photographs from various projects he has worked upon. The images are mainly in black and white and show the chronographic progression throughout TOMATSU's career from more or less straightforward documentary photographer through more obscure avenues of exploration.

He seems to have a catharsis of sorts when he went to Nagasaki in the early 1960's to photograph the efects of the almost wiped from memory atomic blast of 1945. His interpretation of this paradigm shifting event is both subtle, quiet and thought provoking.
This book earns a well deserved five stars."

Video: (by TheMugfaker)