Keizo Kitajima

Photo Express: Tokyo

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"A facsimile of the legendary series of 12 booklets published by Kitajima on the occasion of his exhibition “Photo Express: Tokyo” at CAMP gallery in Tokyo in 1979. The booklets were numbered from one to twelve and one was released each month for a year. Each contained sixteen pages of photographs from Kitajima’s legendary nocturnal wanderings in Tokyo and conveys the spirit of the happenings he organized at the time. K.’s original booklets have now become cult objects, and this new edition is set to become a collector’s item. . Kitajima was born in Nagano, in 1954, and through working with Moriyama he discovered CAMP gallery in Toyko. K. has exhibited and published extensively throughout his career. In 2001 he created the Photographers’ Gallery in Tokyo as a venue for exhibitions, debates and publishing." (steidl)