Sibylle FENDT (photos, text), Zoltán Jókay (texts), Julia-Sophie KUON (Book Design)

Gärtners Reise

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"They had spent their entire life together traveling around Europe in a mobile home. In summer 2008, Lothar Gärtner decided to venture on one last journey with his wife, Elke.
Two years earlier, Elke has been diagnosed with dementia. Lothar wanted to care for her in their home for as long as possible, to accompany her on her way. Sibylle Fendt initially photographed Lothar and Elke at home before joining the couple on their last journey through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, all the way to St. Petersburg.

In discreet and yet intimate photographs, Sibylle FENDT tells a love story of growing apart, finding each other again, and then disappearing. The photographs, though taken on the road, are not documents of the trip but symbols for a journey into unknown territory.
In photography projects that are often developed over several years, Sibylle Fendt (b. 1974) likes to focus on people who are at a dead-end or a fork in the road of their life stories." (publiser's note, © Kehrer Verlag, 2012)

"In late summer 2008 Sibylle FENDT accompanied the couple Lothar and Elke Gärtner on their trip through the Baltic states for 5 weeks.
Two years before, Elke Gärtner had come down with Alzheimer's disease. Elke and Lothar had been traveling Europe with their caravan all of their lives, and they wanted to dare a last big voyage. There route started in Eppingen, Southern Germany (the native place of the couple), then they went to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. From there they went on by bus to Saint Petersburg, Russia, and all the way back. The trip symbolizes a journey into unknown terrain in a twofold meaning." (© agentur ostkreuz)

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"Im Spätsommer 2008 begleitete Sibylle FENDT für 5 Wochen das Ehepaar Lothar und Elke Gärtner auf ihrer Reise durch das Baltikum.

Elke Gärtner war 2006 an Alzheimer erkrankt. Lothar und Elke haben ihr Leben lang mit dem Wohnwagen Europa bereist und wollten eine letzte große Reise wagen.
Ihre Route begann im Heimatort Eppingen in Süddeutschland und ging über Polen, Litauen, Lettland bis hin nach Estland. Von dort fuhren sie mit dem Bus nach St. Petersburg, Russland und zurück.

Die Reise bedeutete in doppeltem Sinne eine Reise in unbekanntes Terrain." (© Agentur Ostkreuz)