Jem SOUTHAM, Richard Hamblyn (essay)

The River Winter

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"In November 2010, after a photographic lull of half a year, SOUTHAM took a photograph which became the first in this series,
Photobook 'The River Winter' and which spurred him to make one of the most concentrated bodies of work in his career.

From late autumn through to the earliest signs of spring, along the banks of the river Exe in Devon, SOUTHAM chose locations and took photo-graphs, returning at regular intervals. This pattern continued for the next five months with SOUTHAM documenting the subtle agencies of change trans-forming the landscape.
By the end of January 2011 he realized this had become a new work, one that caught the effects of the Earth’s turn on film, one which followed the passage of a single winter.

The shift in seasons is presented through a sequence of ten by eight colour contact prints, with which an essay by Richard HAMBLYN explores how, since the last ice-age, winter has embedded itself into our cultural psyche." (publisher's note, © Mack Books, 2012)

"Der britische Fotograf Jem SOUTHAM beschäftigte sich einen Winter lang mit dem Fluss Exe. Das Ergebnis sind auf einen engen Raum begrenzte Landschaftsaufnahmen, die den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten festhalten.
Ein wegen seiner Beschränkung interessantes Foto(buch)projekt." (© Richard G. Sporleder)