Bruce DAVIDSON, Duncan WHITE (Book Design)

Black & White

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"'Black & White' is the definitive collection of Bruce DAVIDSON's black and white photography, spanning a period of forty years.

This collectable five-volume set reprints of classic books of Davidson’s poignant and purposeful imagery, some of them newly edited and expanded. The seminal bodies of work are 'Circus' (1958), an intimate portrait of a dwarf clown; 'Brooklyn Gang' (1959), depicting a group of troubled youths; 'Time of Change' (1961-1965), a civil rights documentation in America; 'East 100th Street' (1966-1968), showing life on one block in Spanish Harlem; and 'Central Park' (1992-1995), exploring layers of life in New York’s famous urban oasis.

'Black & White' is a tribute to Bruce DAVIDSON's unique photographic achievement, and a powerful document of social change." (publisher's note, © Steidl, 2011)