Lieko SHIGA, Daishiro MORI (Book Design)

Rasen Kaigan

HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 26 x 24 x
3 cm., 280 pp., color ills., no text.
Akaaka 2013.
ISBN 9781903515929

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"Six years have passed since Lieko SHIGA came to Miyagi Prefecture.
'Rasen Kaigan' shows us the results of Shiga's attempts to integrate her surroundings and experiences with her photographic expression. She has returned to Tohoku countless times, each time seeking to foster an intimate relationship with this region. One day she discovered a pine forest that faces the Pacific...." (publisher's note, © Akaaka, 2013)

"The danger of Surrealism is that it can easily lead to self-indulgence and repetition. To avoid this trap, Lieko SHIGA moved to the Japanese coastal town of Kitakama and became the town’s official photographer. The result is a dreamlike community album." (© Alec SOTH)

"SHIGA has produced a mesmerizing title that draws the viewer into a dark labyrinth of folklore and fantasy. Never fully aware of what is being observed, this is a chaotically charged document, blurring the real and dreamt, the landscape and those that belong to it: it’s a totally captivating journey, that is almost impossible to depart." (© Tom Claxton)

"I found this wonderful book by Lieko SHIGA called 'Rasen Kaigan'. It is a very fascinating piece of work, like a phantasmagoria full of love and humor. A sort of light darkness seems to prevail in SHIGA's world and to it, she adds hard flashes.
What she shows and how she does it is very intriguing, it really triggers the imagination. This place is being created while she visits it, yet it seems like it has been there forever. She welcomes us to travel along with her here, and I have become a frequent visitor. " (© Klara KÄLLSTRÖM)


"In den meisten 'Best of...' -Listen des letzten Jahres vertreten, u.a. bei Alec SOTH, Martin PARR, TIME Picks the Best Photobooks, Atsushi SAITO, Tom CLAXTON, Yoshikatsu FUJII, Matthew CARSON, Simon BAINBRIDGE, 'The best independent photobooks', Martin AMIS and Nominated for Paris + Kassel Photobook Awards" (© Richard G. SPORLEDER, 2014)