Italian Matters

Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 13,5 x 19
x 0,5 cm., 32 pp., full paged ills., numbered.
Akina Books 2012.
ISBN n.a.

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"'Italian Matters' is "A short story about the italian dream. (...) Eclisse #2, 'Italian matters' is a blues song in reverse about Italy. What happens when you sing a blues song in reverse ? You regain your job, your car and your wife.
It’s a story of optimism, it retraces the years of the economical boom, the threshold between a world of traditions and the modernity, it’s a merry serenade about the Italian dream: the family, the seafood, the football, Naples, the early industrialization.
The past is not the main player here, what matters is the timeless space the book creates between its covers and the way it deals with old values, stereotypes of a country and the quest for a national identity." (publisher's note)

Eclisse #2