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"I grew up in a world surrounded by women. This work is about the relationship between my mother and me. I photograph the atmosphere between us. What happens between us and what doesn't happen. The way I look at her and the way I sometimes see myself in her. How we as children are shaped by the way our parents see the world.
How do you tell a story without a narrative? A story that is formless and waves back and forth like water, without a concrete beginning or end. The beginning and end is instead created by the book's solid framing between two folders.
I want to tell a story about a close relationship between a mother and daughter - a relationship that consists of both a claustrophobic intimacy, love, pain and struggle towards independence. I believe that people during different periods of their life, can recognize themselves in this ambivalent Mother-daughter relationship." (Katinka GOLDBERG)

GOLDBERGs Buch ist eine Auseinandersetzung der eigenen Person mit Ihrer Mutter. Die collage-artigen Zusammenstellung von aktuellen Portraits von GOLDBERG und (auch älteren) Bildern ihrer Mutter mit Oberflächenstrukturen ('surfaces') lässt dabei Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten zweier Leben zutage treten.
Der Fotoband 'Surfacing' ist ein eigenwilliges Künstlerbuch, das seine Kraft erst langsam entwickelt.