Jan BRYKCZYNSKI, Michal LUCZAK, Rafal MILACH, Adam PANCZUK, Agnieszka RAYSS (= Fotografen-Kollektiv SPUTNIK), Copernicus Science Centre (ed.), Krzysztof Koehler (text), Dawid Bienkowski (text), Michal Walczak (text), Zuza Rudzka (text), K, Ania NALECKA / TBD (Book Design)

Distant places

Box (24 x 29 cm.) with five softcover books
with black and white and color ills.
Sputnik 2012.
ISBN 9788363610999

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"'Distant Place' is a publication from the Polish photography collective Sputnik Photos, with work by Agnieszka RAYSS, Rafal MILACH, Jan BRYKCZYNSKI, Adam PANCZUK, & Michal LUCZAK.
Inside this beautiful box are several small books that are all very well made and designed. One of the most successful group publications in recent years, and a joy to dig into." (Raymond Rayburn)

In 'Distant Place' 5 photographers focused on Warsaw part of the Wisla river. The river unknown, wild and distant beside of its very central location. The beautiful box with 5 smaller books, newspaper, little folder and a letter was de The project was curated by Barbara Stauss and everything was assigned by Copernicus Science Canter in Warsaw.