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"This is one of the most pleasant books to look at. This is not really a monograph of SANAA. The purpose of the book is not to cover their projects exhaustively. The drawings are printed in very small scale, and the photos do not try to tell the whole stories either. (...).
This book is atmospheric phantasmagoria. Some views are shot twice from slightly different angles and placed side by side... to reveal truth and deception. According to NIEDERMAYR, '...One sees the breaks in the system of perception, but also in the landscape. It is a deception. This is why the main thing is to break away from the nature of the single image...'.

I do not completely understand what truth means from images yet, but the photos are amazing in this project. It is said that this book is not a true collaboration, meaning that the photographer was not hired by the architects; rather, he followed the firm's works for his own aesthetic reasons.
However, they connect like a tally stick. 'Ephemeral' as some people describe SANAA's works is captured more fantastically here.
I would grab it while it is still available." (amazon review by C.Kim)


"In den archaisch-modernen Schönheitsbehauptungen der Architekten Kazuyo SEJIMA und Ryue NISHIZAWA fehlt der Schatten. Nichts darf das Licht in seiner horizontalen Ausbreitung hindern. Ferner leugnet das flächig-zweidimensionale der Entwürfe alle Körperhaftigkeit.
Diesem 'Image' geben Walter NIEDERMAYRs Fotografien Realität." (amazon review by books on design)