Yukichi WATABE, LE BAL (ed.), Xavier BARAL (Book Design)

A criminal investigation

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPcXCZTcPdA (by laboratorivisivi, thank you)

"By a railway track, in a local police station, down in the streets, in the tanne-ries around Tokyo, in the markets, an investigator follows a trail, in a strange case. He is tracking the murderer of Sato Tadashi, parts of whose body (his nose, two fingers and penis) have been discovered on 13 January 1958, hid-den in a vat of oil in the Irabaki Prefecture. Yukichi WATABE, then a young photo-journalist, was granted exceptional authorisation to shadow the investigators.
Thus the photographer documents an intermediate situation - neither the moment of the murder, nor that of the arrest – akin to a search for identity. By following the scattered clues, W. embraces this subtle turning-point there is in any investigation, when the detective puts himself in the killer’s shoes so as to adopt his way of thinking. And when the man dissolves, there surfaces a Japan that is still hesitating between its pre-war geography and a new, urban visage, symbol of its spectacular recovery.
Following the extended metaphor of troubled identity, the codes no longer belong to photography only but also to cinema: a sequential logic, a certain linearity and a completely narrative framing: images unfold and involve the onlooker. Shot after shot, the mystery is engulfing those in charge of solving it." (publisher's note)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPcXCZTcPdA (by laboratorivisivi, thank you)

"Der junge Fotograf Yukichi WATABE begleitet im Jahr 1958 einen Ermittler aus der Stadt bei der Aufklärung eines Mordes in der japanischen Präfektur Irabaki.
Im Fokus der fotografischen Reportage liegt zu Beginn auf der Spurensuche; im Verlauf der Arbeit jedoch nähern sich Detektiv und Fotograf immer mehr an.
Daher liegt der Reiz des exzellent gestalteten Buches (japanische Broschur, Leineneinband) neben den großartige S/W-Fotografien auch in dem Fotoband 'A criminal investigation' sichtbaren Annäherung der beiden Personen." (© Richard G. Sporleder)