Horacio Fernández (ed.)

photobooks - SPAIN 1905-1977 - MY LAST SEALED COPY!

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"'Photobooks: Spain 1905–1997' is a study of the photobooks published in Spain during the twentieth century. Horacio FERNÁNDEZ is also the author of 'Fotografía pública' (1999) and 'The Latin American Photobook' (2011). (...)

The volume deals in detail with 30 photobooks, illustrated with numerous photographs, and offers an overview of some one hundred others in the introductory text. It constitutes a new and surprising chapter in the new history of photography being written in recent years through the rediscovery of the photobook.

One of the subjects addressed in Photobooks is propaganda, especially in the photobooks produced on both sides during the Spanish Civil War. Also of special interest are some of the books published in the 1970s, toward the end of the Franco years.
Another main focus of the volume is literary works accompanied by series of photographs, of which there are examples from early in the century, though the most important works of this type were published in the 1960s as part of the Palabra e Imagen collection.

Finally, several of the photobooks studied here reflect the social transformations that took place in Spain during the twentieth century, including subjects such as traditional trades, métiers, and rituals, the role of women, and the relations between rural and urban Spain. (...)

The form of the photo book allows for narrative meaning to arise from the images, and as such, has been used by many of the most preeminent photographers to present and communicate their works.
In Spain particularly, the photo book is colored by a complex national history: the Civil War, the transition to democracy, the social and cultural role of the peasantry and the evolving role of women have all been significantly documented via the photo book.
The relationship of Spanish culture and photography to the photo book is comprehensively explored in this volume, published to accompany an exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

This volume collects the work of not only well-known photographers such as José ORTIZ ECHAGÜE, ALFONSO, Francesco CATALÀ-ROCA, Ramón MASATS, Xavier MISERACHS, Francisco ONTAñÓN and COLITA, but also relatively unknown figures, such as Antonio Cánovas, the collective work of Misiones Pedagógicas (Teaching Missions), José COMPTE, Enrique PALAZUELO, Luis ACOSTA MORO and Salvador COSTA.
Text by Horacio Fernández explains the cultural significance of these artists' works and further delves into the complex relationship between the Spanish photo book and literature." (publisher's note)

“What attracted us to 'Photobooks: Spain 1905–1977' is that it presents a slice of photobooks that are largely unknown, even to the most sophisticated people in the field,” says Anne WILKES TUCKER of this book-of-books, which was edited and written by Horacio FERNÁNDEZ and accompanied an exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, in Madrid.
Chronological and exhaustively introduced, it contextualizes and dissects publications ranging from an illustrated popular poem to street photography to jaunty 1930s fascist propaganda, with spreads of each clearly presented. The 'wealth of information' included here is immensely important, says TUCKER.

“This is the platform from which new, further histories will come.” (Lesley A. MARTIN)