Luigi Ghirri

Ravenna, 1986. A work in progress project for 'La Ragione della Natura' - Supplement of 'La Carte D'Apres Nature' - ONLY FIVE COPIES LEFT!

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"The intent of this booklet, in the term of a facsimile, is to record and pay tribute to a publishing project commissioned from Luigi Ghirri by the councillorship for the Environment of the Municpality of Ravenna, Italy in 1986.

1st and originally oublished by Essegi Edizioni in December 1986 under the title 'La Ragione della Natura (The Reason of Nature)', its aim was to promote urban greenery in Ravenna.

From an initial body of photographs selected by Luigi Ghirri, only about half were chosen for publication. A sequel publication was planned for the remaining half, but it never came to pass.

Not intending to reporoduce the publication that never was, this booklet has been republished to accompany the exhibition 'La Carte d'apres Nature' in order to show the photographs that were never published and, in facsimile form, to show the intricacies of how Ghirri conceived of his photographs for publication.

The original booklet is made up of fifty-three C-prints of variable dimensions, mounted on semi-rigid cardboard, 28 x 24 cm.

Private Collection, Bologna" (publisher's note)